What do Broke Vegans Eat: How to Shop Without Breaking the Bank.

Hi you guys! I’m here to give you some wonderful tips on how you can be a successful vegan on a budget. I know times are tough, but if you follow these tips you’ll see that being a broke vegan isn’t as hard as you think!

1. Buy it in bulk! 

Buying in bulk will save you both time and money by allowing you to make fewer trips to the store (and the recycling center if you buy prepackaged goods). Just grab your jars and head to the bulk section of your local groccery store! Many of the ingredients you buy can be used in several different recipes. Nuts can be used to make anything from cheese and pesto to deserts. The options are limitless!

2. Make substitutions, don’t buy them. 

The biggest complaint I hear is that veganism is expensive. It’s only expensive if you fill your cart with meat and dairy substitutes. Instead of buying mock chicken, look up a recipe and buy the ingredients in bulk. You can make as much as your heart desires for less than half the price! While you’re at it look up a recipe for your favorite plant based milk and try it out. Most store bought plant milks contain a low percentage of the plant advertised, so buying your plant base in bulk and creating your own milk is definitely the way to go! Plus it will taste fresher and cost you less in the long run.

3. Don’t rule out frozen foods.

We have all had those moments when we have bought produce and forgot about it. By the time you remember that it’s still in the fridge it is no longer edible (but great for composting). If you find yourself doing this often then you may want to consider freezing your produce. I love doing this for peppers and onions. They can be stored for longer periods of time in your freezer and can used later to make stirfys, soups, etc. You can even freeze vegetable scraps and make broth with it! Give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

4. Canned goods aren’t always a bad thing (but you should always recycle them).

So many people see it as taboo to buy canned goods, but these days you can buy all kinds of vegetables in the canned goods aisle. They’re so inexpensive and come in handy for those days when you’re pressed for time and don’t have enough time to boil kidney beans. I find myself occasionally buying a can of organic garbonzo beans to make chickpea salad, but I always make sure to recycle those cans.

If you’re still a bit hesitant about buying canned goods you can always make your own canned goods with a mason jar!

5. Search for sales and coupons.

You don’t have to become an extreme couponer to save money. There are a ton of resources you can use to find great deals. The internet is your friend, and there are always sale papers in local grocery stores. You can even buy a newspaper and then recycle the parts that you don’t need. One of the best methods I’ve used is contacting specific companies and asking them for coupons. It sounds strange, I know, but it definitely works. Earth Balance gave me coupons for one free tub of vegan butter, no purchase required! I highly recommend that you try this.

6. Don’t rule out the farmer’s markets

One common misconception is that farmer’s markets are always expensive. I often find that farmer’s markets are cheaper than groccery stores. I was able to find avacados for twenty cents cheaper at a farmer’s market than I was at Walmart! It doesn’t sound like you would be saving much, but many mickles makes a muckle- the little things add up. If you begin to shop there often and become a regular customer, you may end up getting even better deals.

Get out there and have fun! 

There are tons of ways to shop as a broke vegan without breaking the bank so get out there and give it a go! Tell me know how your shopping experiences went in the comments below. If you know any shopping secrets leave those in the comments too!


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