Vegan Under $30 Challenge

Hi guys! So I did a challenge a while back to show how inexpensive it really is to be vegan. I performed it with my husband. If you guys haven’t done this I would strongly advise it! May husband and I spent a combined total of $45 ($22.50 per person for a week). There are a few steps that you need to take in order to maximize your savings!

1. Shop locally!

I went to my favorite local farmer’s market called Lil’ Brian’s. Every week there are several produce items on sale. I based my meals off of what was on sale. Avocados were 3 for $1! Tomatoes were 4 lbs for $1! No matter where you go, check for the best deals! Here’s just a few items I got:

2. What you can’t get at the produce market, get for a bargain at the grocery store!

I used a few coupons to get discounts on tofu and soy milk! Walmart also had a few sales that I hit up as well! The key is to research and look around for the best deals.

3. Base your meals off of what you already have!

I bought flour to make bread instead of spending money on processed breads. My homemade tortillas were honestly more delicious than any I’ve ever bought. I used this tortilla recipe to make everything from breakfast wraps to burritos! Just look up a simple recipe off of Pinterest and you can’t go wrong!

4. Chickpeas and oats are life!

They’re super versatile! I used them to make hummus, chickpeas burgers, and salads. You can’t go wrong with chickpeas! Use oats to make some delicious overnight oats. There are so many different versions that you can do! My personal favorites are coco puff flavored (coconut milk, cocoa powder, and maple syrup) or cinnamon roll (coconut milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, and vanilla extract).

5. Have fun with it!

Use this as a chance to play a weeklong version of Chopped! Grab some items and see what delicious meals you can make with them! Below are some yummy foods that I made during that week!


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